Red Light Service  $99,95

 Replace engine oil & oil filter Inspect air filter

 Inspect Cabin Filter

 Lubricate locks, latches & hinges

 Inspect lights, horn & wiper blades

 Verify charging system

 Check coolant, battery & brake fluids Inspect drive belts & radiator hoses

 Inspect steering linkage, gearbox,

 Ball joints, dust covers, drive shaft

 Boots, nuts & bolts on chassis

 Inspect shocks, struts & springs

 Inspect brake linings, drums, pads, lines and hoses

 Inspect exhaust system and mountings

 Check alignment, rotate tires and adjust tire pressure

 Inspect automatic transmission or clutch fluid levels & power steering fluid

 Clean electric antenna mast

 Adjust engine idle speed (when applicable)

 Inspect fuel lines & connections, fuel tank vapor vent system hoses, fuel tank cap gasket

 Inspect fuel filter

 Inspect distributor cap, rotor and high-tension wires

 Inspect spark plugs

 Inspect coolant fluid density

 Road-test vehicle after service