Yellow Light Service  $89,95

Replace Engine Oil & Oil Filter
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect Cabin Filter
Lubricate Doors Locks & Hinges
Inspect Lights, Horn, Wiper Blades
Check Coolant, Battery, Brake Fluid Level
Inspect Drive Belts & Radiator Hoses
Inspect Steering Linkage, Gearbox, Dust Covers, Drive Shaft Boots, Nuts & Bolts on Chassis and Body
Inspect Struts & Shocks & Springs
Inspect Brake Linings, Drums, Pads, Discs and Hose
Inspect Exhaust System and Mountings
Check Alignment, Rotate Tires and Adjust Tire Pressure
Inspect Automatic Transmission or Clutch Fluid Levels & Power Steering Fluid
Clean Electric Antenna Mast
Road-Test vehicle after service