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KROWN protects

All body panels
Spot welds
All chrome
Cowl assemblies
Headlight pots & adjusters
Transmission case
Oil pans
Sub-frames & hidden box sections
Inner framework
Wiring connections
Computer chips

KROWN lubricates

Windows and door mechanisms
Door locks
Electrical systems
Brake cables
Linkage for transmissions
Remote mirrors
Door hinges
Hood and trunk hinges
Reduces friction on all moving parts
Power antennas
C.V. joints

Did you know--Rust still works during spring & summer

Hot sunshine & then rain causes humidity inside metal panels &

so RUST thrives in summer too.



Just mention- you saw it on the WEB


Brake Maintenance

Inspect, Clean, Lubricate
Adjust Front Brakes
Adjust emergency brake

Wheel Alignment

Prevents uneven tire wear and steering pull, helps improve fuel economy
2-Wheel Alignment
4-Wheel Alignment

Transmission Service

Recommended at 24 months or 48000 km
Transmission Flush & Fluid Replacement
Replacement of Transmission & Differential Fluids for 4X4’s

Complete Inspection & Report

Buying or Selling a vehicle


Seasonal Tire Change
With Mag Wheel
Clean Rims (build up of contamination causes slow leaks)
Tire Rotation (free with yellow & red service)
Wheel Balancing

Tires with Special Rims

Tire Storage

Cooling system Service

Replace engine coolant at 36 months or 72000 km, then every 24 months/48000km.
Test radiator cap, Flush & filter system completely including heater.

Fuel Injection System

Recommended at 24 months or 48000km. Professional fuel injection pressurized cleaning system for better fuel economy, smoother running, quicker cold starts, lower exhaust emissions.

Air Conditioning Service

Drain & recycle system, check for leaks, includes inspection of a/c belt & compressor oil & add dye to system

Timing Belt (priced according to model)

Recommended at 48 months or 96000km replacement of timing belt and inspection of water pump

Charging System

Verify Electrical & Charging Systems, Battery and Connections.


Our Prices are very competitive. Please call for a quote on different makes and models.

Are you in the market for a new or used auto?

Let our competent staff advise you on makes & models along with competitive pricing.

We will find you a used vehicle of your choice, put in top shape & give you a warrantee.

Call Gordon or Kevin at 514-481-0155 & tell them your requirements & they will take it from there.

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